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We are experts in the LED and Video wall sector – we have the know-how and experience in the design and also physical installation, whether that be working-at-height or in specialist environments.

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LED and LCD video walls

Super high resolution for large areas

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Cost effective solution for large areas

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As innovative and engaging methods of presenting high resolution media for a large area, LED and Video Walls are still hard to beat. Affected far less by ambient light compared to projection and more cost effective than single ultra-Large Format Displays, presentation walls made up of either multiple Large Format Displays (LFD’s) or LED tiles or panels allow you to unleash your creativity with designs and patterns not possible with the aforementioned methods.

LED is a hugely relevant technology when a remit includes for large scale displays for large audiences especially, though not relegated to, outdoors. With Pixel Pitches (essentially the distance from the middle of one LED to the next) becoming smaller and smaller, these displays are seen as high resolution, high brightness and flexible to install; perfect for permanent visitor installs or for stage backdrops. When large scale, high visibility displays are needed, LED Walls will almost always be a viable option.

Standard LCD-screen Video Walls are growing in popularity, due to more cost-effective screens being released, with thinner bezels meaning pictures are nigh-seamless. They can also be installed in creative and engaging formats, far removed from the standard 16:9 widescreen format. With the right controllers there is an almost endless possibility of how the screens are orientated, bringing to life unparalleled creativity – perfect for capturing customers attention and engaging with them directly.

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