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Audio Visual, or AV, is an all-encompassing term for technology and solutions possessing sound and / or visual components. Whilst the AV market is expanding rapidly in its solution and product offerings, it remains ever-more important to rely on a consultation and installation partner who is able to wade through the myriad of offerings to ensure only the best-of-breed and proven reliable components are specified to combine to form a fully turnkey, cohesive and strategic solution.

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Made Simple
You a customer, you arrive, you enter a posh boardroom, you want to show the room and his dog your spreadsheet and yet you cant get your laptop to present. PROBLEM? Nice looking room - badly installed AV!
Wow Factor
Video walls, We have installed them in a variety of unique places. All environments differ, but one thing is a constant... With some vivid graphics fed, what comes out of that 8 / 4 m wall of colour blows the mind.
Lets go digital... Throw the white board with marker pen lines. Make 'information actually informative'. With a range of internal and external Digitale signage there is nothing that cannot be achieved.
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From Digital Signage displays connected via an AV-over-IP network, to a long-throw high lumen projector, to the latest in interactive screens, we are dedicated to researching, testing and managing all elements of your AV solutions.

Most importantly, any specified solution will come after expert consultation with our experienced Consultants ensuring a bespoke and fit-for-purpose solution is only ever offered.

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