Room management

Meetings Rooms are often at the heart of any organisation – it’s where decisions are made and agreements formalised. Knowing how your meeting rooms are used, when and by whom is vital; it allows you to decide what additional meeting room space you need, and what you don’t, helping you cut overhead costs.

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Integration with Office 265, Exchange, GSuite or similar applications

Easily see meeting patterns and optimise resources

Allows alerts for equipment, catering and additional resources

Saves time and the pain with room requirements

Expert knowledge in design and installation

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Optimise your space

Room Booking solutions provide insight into your organisations meeting patterns to optimise resources. Easily identifiable markers will offer clear representation of whether a room is available or occupied; connection with Office365, Exchange, G-Suite or similar applications optimises the control and visibility of room occupancy virtually.

A suitable room booking solution can provide the opportunity to be alerted to catering, audio visual and communication requirements and ensure any additional enquiries are directed to the right department saving resources and that most precious commodity, time.

Room Management and Booking solutions are often overlooked when looking at technology integrations in business, but they remain one of the most visible and, if integrated correctly, one of the most efficiency-enhancing additions.

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