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PA (Public Address) solutions range in size and predicted scope. From small-business PA systems used for company announcements and safety procedures to large systems for music and broadcasting, specification and design are everything.

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Although the basic remit of PA systems has remained unchanged – that of being able to inform and address the public via audio – the methods of delivery and technology has seen massive advancement. Audio-over-IP now enables single cable-platform installations of CAT wired infrastructure; no more separate audio cable installation needed. Zoned audio systems can now be configured, deployed and managed via the cloud allowing for truly remote multi-site control.

Outdoor, IP rated PA systems allow functionality regardless of the weather and can even be housed in vandal resistant casing to future proof against any unexpected incidents.

Audio systems are similar to PA systems, but rather than being centred on carrying voice and announcements, are made and designed to reproduce music.

Although sharing some fundamental design criteria with PA systems, a different specification of hardware is used and different allowances of reach, clarity and levels are employed. Again varying in size from small ambient music solutions in cafes to large scale Performance Auditoria and live-event venues, technology has infiltrated this historically analogue realm and enhanced effectiveness and delivery of soundscapes whilst also making management of multiple audio sources that much easier.

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